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About Us

We are DEX Troopers and here we are.

Telkom Design

Telkom Design or Chapter Design & Experience (DEX) is a design operation in Telkom Indonesia, Division of Digital Business and Technology (DBT). We provide services to create and build the best quality user experience for various product teams in the Tribe (Squad) and project-based. We also support various platforms, segments and digital product types. We are very focused to achieving goals for providing business impact on every product we build.

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Our Design Team

We consist of multidisciplinary designers ranging from ux researchers who research business, market and user behavior, ux designers as evangelists who maintain the experience and design process to match goals, ui designers who are responsible for the interface that the user sees, ux wrtitter who maintains easy-to-understand copywritting, and graphic designers that help visualize information on the interface that the user sees.

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UX Designer

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UX Writer

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Graphic Designer

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UX Research

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UI Designer

Meet Our Team

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Our Certification

Our knowledge and skills about UX have been certified by the Norman Nielsen Group (NN/g), an international UX research and consulting firm based in the United States.

We already have several people who have been certified as UX Cerfied (UXC)  and UX Master Certified (UXMC), who are committed to building UX on all Telkom products and services, who work within the Squad / Tribe and Project that is currently there.

The competence of all members of the Designer team is always up to date with the latest knowledge from NN / g and other practical UX sources.

Join with Our Team

Your work will impact millions of customers, with many variety product platform for bridging the gap between people and digital experience.

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