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Creative Process called Design Thinking

Some might think that “design” thinking is just talking about designing, like graphic design, illustration design, or anything that only design related.

But actually, design thinking is not an exclusive item just for designers. Everyone can practice about the principle of design thinking, all innovators in all literature start from engineering, art, music, business, and so on.

Design thinking, what is that?

Design thinking is an iterative method where we seek to understand the user. Challenge assumptions and redefine troubles in trying to identify strategies and answers that may not be instantly apparent with our preliminary stage of understanding. Design thinking provides answers-based approach to solve troubles.

Design thinking helps us to observe and develop empathy from the user. Based on Plattner Institute of Design at Stanford, design thinking described as a five-stage process, which is :

1. Empathize

How to get understanding of the trouble you are looking to clear up via user research. It allows you to set aside assumptions and get real insight into user and their needs.

2. Define

Is how you define the core problems based on the observation that has been analyzed.

3. Ideate

Identify innovative solutions to the problems by creating an alternative way to view the problems.

4. Prototype

Identify the best possible solutions for each individual problem.

5. Test

Test the complete product based on the solution from the previous phase.

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written by : Internship & Dedicated Design System Team Azizah Puteri Ayu

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