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Telkom design is a multidisciplinary design team from Telkom Indonesia that supports the design and product experience on various platforms.


Our Design Process

Understanding ends in insight. Creation ends in ideas. Delivery ends in reality.

Step 1


Understanding ends in insight. Through research involving all parties to obtain adequate data, we try to map the problem properly so that it can be resolved appropriately. Making sure the team builds the right thing.

Step 2


Creation ends in ideas. The process of ideation, creation and exploration the data to Interfaces design, prototyping until the testing with uses a design thinking approach and explore the problem and ideate the best solution.

Step 3


Delivery ends in reality. the step in artefacts are developed into a Proof of Concept (PoC) to be assessed to commercial viability, desirability & technical feasibility with stakeholders to start going into the production stage.

Our Tribe Support & Portfolio

Good design results from agility throughout the team.

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Tribe Enterprise

Application to find nearby gas station, pay gas with digital payment & get the loyalty point

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Tribe Communication

Video-conferencing services that are present provide digital communication solutions

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Indihome Smart

Tribe Indihome Digitalization

IndiHome add-on service that has a home monitoring function.

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Logee Truck

Tribe Logistics

Application that facilitates trucker partners to get orders & faster payments easily

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Tribe Enterprise

Application to support end-to-end journey processes in B2B and B2G businesses



Tribe Communication

Messaging application with a mission to maintain communication sovereignty digitally

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Our Design System

The collection of guidelines and components whic can be used to create amazing visual user Interface in user experience


Atomic Component


Iconography & Theme


Component Platform

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